Meet Anett

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Why I started

Hi, I am Anett Elek and I started ResinSorbet in 2019.

I like colors in everything. I eat the rainbow and I wear colorful clothes, because I believe life is happier with colors.

I wanted to have matching jewelry to most of my outfits. Is that too much to ask for a woman? ( :D Nope! - right ladies? )

I saw some resin jewelry and I fell in love

- with the clear earrings, or filled with some bubbles, which gives the jewelry a water effect ​


- with the colorful earrings, mixed with different colors, shiny glitters and colorful inks ​


- with the dried flowers, and leaves that you can preserve in those earrings or pendants.

I started to make my own jewellery and I got compliments, so I thought others might like to wear them, as well. ... and here I am with my creations made with lots of love for You guys.